My solo show, Heatseeker, is up at Interface Gallery in Oakland. Please join me for the reception on Friday, April 27, 6-8pm. The show will be on view until May 27th. Gallery hours are Friday – Sunday 11-4pm, and by appointment.


“the sun advancing, the disk rising each day to the north of where it leaped from yesterday’s ocean and setting north of yesterday’s setting, the solar disk burning, burning, consuming winter in fire.” –Henry Beston

Interface Gallery is pleased to present Heatseeker, Elizabeth Russell’s second solo show with the gallery. For this exhibition, Russell presents a series of oil paintings, several quite large in scale, that represent an exciting new direction for her work. Evolving from a series of smaller collage-paintings, the new works incorporate a similar visual vocabulary, but the shapes and textures are entirely painted. While abstract, the reduced shapes and color relationships are rooted in experience and memory, relating to space, forms and light encountered in the world around us.

The sense of shape and color in Russell’s work is deeply informed by her experience growing up near the ocean in Massachusetts, where she grew attuned to the expansive view of water and sky, the simple but resolute gesture of the horizon line, and the experience of light, shadow and shape within that field.

A piece of writing by Russell will be also be presented with this exhibition.